Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Calico by Nail Potions

Today I have an exciting new polish by indie maker, Nail Potions. This is such a great glitter! I had a calico cat when I was growing up so I really love the name. It is so fitting for this pretty polish. Calico is described by its creator as "a clear base with black and orange glitter with white texture". The polish has a really unique finish; it is unlike anything I own. It sort of reminds me of the feel of sand. I had to top it with Seche Vite so I didn't get to enjoy rubbing on my nails. Boo! One coat of Seche smooths it out. I am wearing one coat of Calico over Yummy & Helen, both by Zoya. I did add a little more Calico on my index finger to hide a smudge.

My favorite thing about Nail Potions? They are made by one of my best friends, Jessica! In our recent swap she loaned me this bottle to try out. Now I really want to try her other feline inspired potion, Flame Point Siamese.

Zoya Dea under my nails.

Check out Jessica's etsy shop here!

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